Handicraft Sector

Incentives Available

As per

Enterprises Promotion Policy-2015




State Handicrafts Awards:

The outstanding artisans/weavers belonging to the State shall be provided 13 State Handicrafts Awards of Rs.3 lakh each including one for outstanding woman artisan in the category of Painting, Terracotta, Clay objects, Stone & Marble, Embroidery

& Textile, Wood & Bamboo, Metal, Leather, Handloom, Jute, Wax & lakh, miscellaneous and consolation prizes of Rs.51,000/-each would also be conferred on artisans. The artisan once selected for award shall not further be considered during 5 years.


Assistance for Product Promotion:

To assist in the sale of handicrafts items, 01 State level (Rs.12 lakh) and 04 District level (Rs.3 lakh) fairs/exhibitions shall beorganized on the special occasions for duration of one to two weeks through Trade Fair Authority Haryana. There shall be atleast 50 participants/stalls for the State level fair and 20 participants/stalls for the District level fair.

The complete reimbursement of participation charges for space of maximum size upto 6 sq.m. and actual second class ACtravelling charges and boarding charges at the rate of Rs.1000 per day shall be made to artisans for participating in theexhibitions organised by Export Promotion Councils/Government Agencies within the country, whereas the 100% participationcharges or maximum up to Rs.3 lakh and air fare by economy class upto Rs.1 lakh shall be reimbursed for the internationalfairs/exhibitions once in a year.


Interest Subsidy:

@6% interest subsidy on bank loan to the artisans for handicraft activities with capping limit of Rs.25,000/- per year for the period of three years will be provided to the artisans.