Infrastructure Related Schemes

Incentives and Infrastructure

Available as per

Enterprises Promotion Policy-2015




Cluster Development Program(MSE-CDP):

GoI implements MSE-CDP scheme for creating common facility centre with investment upto maximum of Rs. 15.00 crore for agroup of atleast 20 existing Industries in a cluster with Financial support (GoI, State, SPV-70:10:20). The State will provide 20%share for each cluster in place of 10% whereas SPV will contribute only 10% share in place of 20%, State Govt. will also contribute 50% of the cost of project exceeding Rs.15.00 Crore and upto Rs.20.00 Crore, as State share.


State Mini Cluster Development Scheme:

State Mini Cluster Development Scheme for creating Common Facility Centre (CFC) for a group of atleast 10 existing units withfunding pattern of 90% State contribution: 10% SPV for project cost upto Rs.2 Crore.


Critical Infrastructure Project Scheme(CIP):

State shall introduce new scheme for supporting the basic/critical infrastructure need of industries with funding pattern of 80%State share restricted to Rs.1.6 crore: 20% SPV, of project cost upto Rs.5 crore in conforming zones withincontrolled area andanywhere outside the controlled area.


Incubation Centre for Food Sector:

The financial assistance for creating incubation centre to the extent of Rs.70 lakh shall be provided to NIFTEM.


Incubation Centre in Universities:

The financial assistance of Rs.30.00 lakh per university and under the scheme 2 universities will be assisted per year and thiswould be supplement to the assistant obtained from GoI, if any.


Creation of Industrial Infrastructure Development Scheme:

IIDS will be introduced for providing adequate width of road connectivity with nearest State/National highway, water and independent power feeder upto the premises/periphery of Mega project and identified service enterprise, thrust rural clustersand rural functional clusters set up in ‘C’ and ‘D’ category blocks, for defense projects set up in ‘B’,’C’ and ‘D’ category blocksand Industrial Estates developed by the Private Developer in ‘C’ & ‘D’ category blocks. The budget provision of Rs.100 crore willbe made per annum.


ASIDE Scheme:

The State shall keep the ASIDE Scheme continue under the State budget for creating/up- gradation of infrastructure in respectof technical infrastructure such as Testing Laboratory, R&D centres, Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre,CFC, Critical Infrastructure,Inland Container Depot, Design Development Centre for the promotion of exporting units. The scheme of MoMSME shall also beleveraged in respect of Government Quality Marking Centres.


Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme:

GoI provides assistance for Electronics Manufacturing Clusters to attract investment in Electronics System Design & Manufacturing(ESDM)Industries @50% of the project cost in Greenfield EMCs and @75% in brown field EMCs, maximum of Rs.50.00 crore. The remaining projectcost to be financed by other stake holders of EMC with a minimum industry contribution of 25% of cost.The State shall supplement the scheme by contributing 50% of the contribution of stake holders subject to cap of Rs.25.00 crore. The benefitof the state contribution shall be passed by the developing agency to the allottees.


Assistance for Zero Liquid Discharge Common Effluent Treatment Plants (Supplement of GoI Scheme):

GoI provides assistance for establishing Zero Liquid Discharge Plant @50% or maximum upto Rs.75 crore with 25% state share & 25% by SPV (15%+10% bank loan). The State shall supplement the scheme of GoI and shall provide funding support to HUDA for establishing ZeroLiquid Discharge Plant of 30 MLD capacity at Panipat with contribution of 25% State share and differential cost and total contribution wouldbe about Rs.85 Crore.


Export Exhibition Centre:

The financial assistance of Rs.20 crore shall be provided to HSIIDC for upcoming Export Exhibition Centre for Handlooms at Panipat.


Consultancy Scheme:

The budget provision of Rs.10 crore for seeking consultancy Services/support for getting maximum benefit of the infrastructure relatedschemes of GoI as well as for implementation of schemes for MSMEs sector will be made.


Stamp Duty Refund for Industrial Park:

50% stamp duty refund to the developer of Industrial Estates in ‘C’ and ‘D’ category blocks.