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Bifurcation of Plot

Chapter 11


Bifurcation / Fragmentation of Plot



11.1        Bifurcation of industrial plots of only two acre size and above will be permitted provided the project has been completed after obtaining occupation certificate as per clause 5.10/5.11 of EMP. Plots measuring two to five acres can be bifurcated in not more than


two plots subject to the condition that none of the sub-divided plots is less than one acre, subject to planning parameters. In case the plot size is more than five acres, none of the bifurcated portion should be less than two acres. The bifurcation will be permitted only for permissible activities. Applicable processing fee shall be payable for such permission. In case the allottee transfers the bifurcated plot to some other person, then provisions of transfer as contained in chaper-8 shall be applicable.


11.2        Normally bifurcation of plots at the initial stage before completion of project shall not be allowed. However, the committee constituted under clause 12.14 of EMP-2015 may consider the bifurcation of the plot and utilization of the bifurcated portion by the subsidiary/ group company with majority equity shares owned by the allottee company, its share holders/ promoter directors with family members, subject to payment of bifurcation fee equivalent to transfer fee. The other conditions of the bifurcation/ fragmentation as well as terms of allotment shall be applicable in such cases.


Bifurcation of clubbed plots/sheds shall be permissible provided they have been shown as a separate units/plots in the approved layout plan and meet the zoning parameters.




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