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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is the main platform for international legislation and good manufacturing practice for all sectors of the food industry HACCP also forms a key component of many certified compliance standards and is recognized as a main element of international trade in food products.

HACCP is a risk management tool recognized internationally for use in the proactive management of food safety issues. A HACCP system helps you to focus on the hazards that affect food safety through hazard identification and to establish critical control limits at critical point during the production process.

There are clear benefits associated with HACCP-based adoption and certification:

Enables you to demonstrate a commitment to food safety

Provides buyers, consumers, government enforcement and trade agencies with justified assurance that control system are in place to assure the safe production of food

It is based on the internationally-recognized Codex Alimentarius standards and guidelines and other national standards



Good manufacturing practices are sanitary and processing requirements applicable to all food processing establishments. Many food industry companies have implemented the GMP certification scheme for food processing as the foundation upon which they have developed and implemented other food quality assurance systems and food safety management system, such as HACCP,FSSC22000, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

Certifying your food management system against the GMP standard will bring the following benefits;

Enhancement of your food safety management system:

Demonstration of your commitment to producing and trading safe food

Prepare you for HACCP certification;

Increase in consumer confidence in your products; and

Prepare you for inspection by authorities and other stakeholder (food processing regulation compliant)

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