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Based on “General Guidelines for Use of the Term Halal” (CAC/GL 24-1997 1) issued by the secretarist of the joint FAQ/WHO Food Standard Programme (1999). Halal food is defined as food permitted under the Islamic law and should fulfil following conditions:

1. Food does not consist of or contain anything which is considered to be unlawful according to islarnic law:

2. Food has not been prepared, processed, transported or stored using any appliance or facility that was not free from anything unlawful according to Islamic Law: and

3. Food has not in the course of preparation, processing, transportation or storage been in direct contact with any food that fails to satisfy 1 and 2 above. In addition, halal food can be prepared, processed or stored in different sections or lines within the same premises where non-halal foods are produced, provided that necessary measures are taken to prevent any contact between halal and non-halal foods. Halal foods can also be prepared, processed, transported or stored using facilities which has been previously used for non-halal food provided that proper cleaning procedures, according to Islamic requirements, have been observed.

Benefits of HALAL Certification

  1. With the establishment of high standards and consumer confidence in HALAL Certification, business organization gain access to the vast marketing potential of Halal consumers on a global scale. HALAL Certification also provides export opportunities to the global Halal market comprising of approximately 1.6 billion Halal consumers.
  2. A competitive advantage is gained.
  3. HMA monitoring imposes stringent private sanitation requirements in addition to manufacturing premise hygiene practices.
  4. HALAL certified products would be unanimously acceptable by all Muslims as stringent standards are implemented in its certification procedures including manual non-stunned or moritored slaughter.

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