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NOC from DTP

NOC from DTP

The area which falls either in urban area declared by the District Country and Town Planning Department or outside controlled area and urban area needs no objection certificate issued by District Town Planner or Senior District Town Planner. NOC in case of area falling outside controlled area and urban area is applied to DTP and is also issued by DTP. In case of NOC for the area falling under urban area limits is to be applied to DTP and is issued by STP. Following papers are required to get the respective No Objection Certificate.

  1. Farad Jamabandi
  2. Aksh Sizra
  3. Girdawri
  4. Copy of sale deed
  5. Copy of mutation
  6. Site plan
  7. Copy of project report
  8. Non Encumbrance Certificate.

While purchasing the land due care should be taken and in first instance it is to be located that land which you are going to purchase, whether, falls under controlled area, urban area or outside both.

Second step is to collect the paper accordingly and to apply for NOC or CLU i.e. changes of land use. In case if you find any difficulty you may contact us for further guidance.

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