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Restrictive List


The 6th October, 2015

No. 49/43/2015 – 4IB1. In pursuance to the provision under Chapter 12 of Enterprises Promotion Policy-2015 notified vide No. 49/43/2015 – 4IB1 dated 14th August, 2015, the Governor of Haryana is pleased to notify the “Restrictive List of Industries” of the State as under. The incentives under the policy will not be available to these industries except exclusive incentive of Freight Assistance, State Export Awards to export oriented units and State Awards for MSMEs. The State would not encourage the following categories of Industries for reasons of pollution or water scarcity or planning perspective:

1. Industrial units involving trade effluents and air emissions setup within or operating from the residential areas;

2.Cigars and Cigarettes of Tobacco and manufacture of Tobacco including other Tobacco products;

3.Induction and ARC furnace with more than 0.6 MT capacity (restricted due to high energy consuming units);

4. Industrial units for soft drinks/ aerated water and packaged drinking water, (consuming high water content) located in areas notified as “Dark Zones” for water availability;

5. Stone crushers/ Washeries for reasons of Air and Water Pollution;

6.Lime kilns, Brick kilns except refractory bricks, fly Ash bricks and cement blocks;

7.Sugar Industry for reasons of pollution, smell and non-availability of raw material;

8. Copper smelter/ Zinc smelter recovery of Zinc metal from Zinc ash, Dross and Waster for reason of pollution;

9. Manufacture of Ethyl Alcohol/ Distillery/ Fermentation/ Brewery except wines/ liquors/ brandy etc. made from 100% fruits and Barley produced in the State;

10. Sulphuric acid/ thinners & varnishes/ electroplating for reason of pollution;

11. Dyes and Dye intermediates for reasons of high pollution except units covered under zero liquid discharge;

12.Dyeing Industry for yarn and cloth except units covered under zero liquid discharge;

13.Refining of used oil for reason of pollution;

14.  Secondary processing of Iron and Steel manufacturing of CR sheets, Galvanized Sheets and Castings outside the designated zones;

15.  Cold storage being service industry and not providing service directly to manufacturing;

16. Tanneries for reason of air and water pollution;

17. Poultry excluding Hatcheries;

18.  Fire crackers Manufacturing for reason of explosive & hazardous industry;

19. Hot mix plants including site oriented industries for reason of pollution;

20.  Incandescent Electric Bulbs and fluorescent bulbs/ tubes as an energy conservation measure;

21.All service enterprises not providing service directly to the manufacturing sector except the services included in positive list of identified services at Sr. No. 10 of annexure-10 of the Policy [Any other service enterprise notified by the State Government for inclusion in the list from time to time].

Note: The above list may be reviewed by the Government from time to time.

S.S. Dhillon

Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana Industries and Commerce Department

Endst. No. 49/43/2015 – 4IB1                                                                                     Dated: 06.11.2015

A copy alongwith a copy Notification No. 49/43/2015 – 4IB1 dated 06.11.2015 is forwarded to the Director General, Industries & Commerce, Haryana, Chandigarh for information and necessary action. He is requested to supply this notification to all the concerned.


Superintendent Industries-I for Additional Chief Secretary, to Govt. Haryana, Industries & Commerce Department.

Endst. No. 49/43/2015 – 4IB1                                                                                     Dated: 06.11.2015

A copy is forwarded to the Managing Director, Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd., Sector-6, Panchkula for information and necessary action.


Superintendent Industries-I for Additional Chief Secretary, to Govt. Haryana, Industries & Commerce Department.

Endst. No. 49/43/2015 – 4IB1                                                                                    Dated: 06.11.2015

A copy is forwarded to the Controller Printing and Stationery, Haryana, Chandigarh with the request that the above notification may be published in Haryana Government Gazette immediately and one hundred printed copies thereof may please supplied to this department for record.


Superintendent Industries-I for Additional Chief Secretary, to Govt. Haryana, Industries & Commerce Department.

Endst. No. 49/43/2015 – 4IB1                                                                                   Dated: 06.11.2015

A copy with one spare copy is forwarded to the Director, General Public Relations, Information and Cultural Affairs Haryana, Chandigarh for wide publicity.


Superintendent Industries-I for Additional Chief Secretary, to Govt. Haryana, Industries & Commerce Department

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